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Inicio: 26/01/2012
Fim: 26/01/2012

Dear colleagues,  we are pleased to announce:

The international symposium on Emissions of Gas and Dust from Livestock (EMILI 2012)
 which will be held from 10-13 June 2012 in the picturesque seaside town of Saint-Malo, France.

The conference will be hosted by the French partnership network on Livestock and Environment
EMILI 2012: It be an opportunity to share the latest scientific advances from research on gas (ammonia, GHG, odors) and dust emissions in animal agriculture and will contribute to provide information that industry and governments need in order to achieve cost-effective gas and dust mitigation outcomes.

Particular focus will be placed on the following topics:
          Measuring methods
          Inventories/Emission factors
          Air quality and health impacts
          Mitigation strategies
          Environmental evaluation
31 January 2012 - Deadline for submission of abstracts
30 May 2012 - Deadline for submission of full papers
May 2012 - Publication of conference program
10 June 2012 - Welcome reception and registration
11 June 2012 - Conference begins
13 June 2012 - Conference ends

Please check the conference website for additional details and updates:

For more information, please contact the organizing committee at

                                                              Sincerely,Organizing Committee,EMILI2012